Friday, September 1, 2017

Open Letter to #ConManKen - When the Walls Come Tumbling, Tumbling Down!

Yeah, I paraphrased from a John Cougar song. Heh

So, Kenny-boy!

You are a month late on your self imposed punted to the future Kickstarter deadline for all of your projects and you couldn't even get your pencils done. Even the Gygax Memorial Fund now has pencils! And yes, I know how you tried to pass that one off to another AND make money off "the sale" and transfer of YOUR obligations. What balls.

See, that's what you do #ConManKen - you try to scam others and pass off YOUR obligations. Those Kickstarters that you have fucked folks over on, many of them your own fans (do you have any left?) - those are obligations.

Don't worry too much Ken. My understanding is that your world is going to get real small real soon and your obligations - well, lets just say, your obligations are coming due.

Ah, a new month. So sweet. I can almost taste fall in the air. Can you taste it Kenny?

Talk to you again soon, Ken. Love ya. Wouldn't want to be you...

Poo Poo Face


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