Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Far West - Forlorn & Forgotten - Funded Six Years and Four Days Ago

Thanks to +Eric Franklin for reminding me that Far West, the dead albatross around the neck of Gareth Sharka and everything he touches, funded six years and four days ago. Over six fucking years ago. Shit!

Does Gareth even have the balls to update his Kickstarter backers? No. and since Gareth is "holding off on updating until I have something major & concrete to deliver" you can expect the next update to be... never.

But yeah, keep writing those adventures for Star Trek and let your own IP lie fallow. Because, you know, people that believed in you and put money in your hands should be alternately ignored, lied to and spit upon for six years. Now THAT is some sort of customer service...


  1. I'm still missing a Buckaroo Bonzai RPG.
    At this point I wish TSR Games could grab that license, I could rock that game!

  2. No fuqs were given once again by GMS...

  3. Erik, you supported the Brave Halfling Kickstarter. Any comment on that? Don't know if you did the Pacesetter games one, but it has been about the same amount of time.

    1. Commented on the Appendix N KS a few weeks back. Pacesetter is new to me

    2. @ Joe - Modules 3&4 are due to start shipping next month, but will take till the end of the year, per new update today. 7/2/2012 was the closing date of the Kickstarter.

  4. Replies
    1. The Wandering Wizard fell on the swords. Andrew Shields picked up the torch but I haven't seen movement on it in a long time.


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