Monday, August 28, 2017

Inkwell Designs - Creature Decks for 0e / 1e - On Sale

So, I was speaking with +Joe Wetzel over the weekend. Joe is the man behind Inkwell Designs. In addition to some amazing mapping software, Joe does card decks to support RPG Campaigns. Last week he put on sale his SideQuest Decks and the response was damn good.

Now, I have most of Joe's deck releases (which he offers for multiple systems) and they really are sweet. I use them for inspiration in session prep, but I'm sure one could use the various decks in play for seat of the pants inspiration.

Anyhow, I asked him if he had anything on sale that would be right up the alley of The Tavern's readers. He didn't, but then he did ;)

Creature Decks for 0e / 1e. The art is great and its damn convenient having all of a creatures stats, description and pic on a single card.

There are 5 decks in the series. $1.95 (normally $2.95) in PDF or $9.95 (normally $11.95) in Print plus PDF (except the Animals deck which is $8.95)

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