Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wayward Kickstarter - Dice and Danger Dragon's Lair (It Simply Doesn't Add Up)

There are multiple problems with the Dice & Danger Kickstarter, but I'll stick with the obvious one. Math. Seriously, when your funding is simply based on "hidden monies" I don't care how cool your project looks, your dishonesty leads the way.

So, lets look at the math, shall we?

Average backer is in for $91.67

Total backing according to backer levels is $1,220

Backing according to Kickstarter is $2,750

Goal is $2,500

Miracle and unaccounted for backing is $1,530

So, what percentage of the backing of this project can't be accounted for?


Holy shit! What a fucking facade!

Fuck the rest. This by and of itself is an obvious sign of bullshit backing.


  1. that's strange. how does kickstarter allow that?

  2. I see no addons listed but this doesn't prevent backers from adding money to their pledge. This could explain why the sum of the backer levels doesn't add up. Without listed addons this sounds a bit fishy though.

  3. Maybe Hal's Mom or uncle or something kicked in enough so the project would succeed. In any case, can one really print a boardgame for $2500?

  4. I have to be clear, I don't know how reliable Kicktraq's data is. However, the daily data tab has some interesting info. If I'm reading this right, on one day they had a net increase of two backers with a net increase of $1,430.


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