Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tavern Chat Tonight - 9PM - We've Moved it to the Tenkar's Tavern Live Discord Server

Yep, Chatwing served its purpose but its time to move on to newer and better things.

Tonight's Tavern Chat will be hosted on the Tenkar's Tavern Live Discord Server from 9PM to 11PM--ish.

First, login into the Tavern Chat Live Discord Server. The link will be below but its also on the right side of this page.

   Invite -  https://discord.gg/fReGmuD

When you log into the server, you start out in the common-room.thats where general chat and daily hanging out takes place. For tonight though, we will be using the tavern-chat-wed-9pm channel.

At 10PM I'll be dropping into the Open Bar voice channel until 11PM or so. Feel free to join me.

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