Sunday, August 6, 2017

Whay is This even a Thing? #RPGaDay 2017

31 days of not all that insightful commenting on RPGs - is that really a thing these days?

I understand blog carnivals - everyone blogs about the same topic and it all gets linked. That's one post over the course of the month for each blogger - not one a day for questions that become pointless.

I'm going to answer all 31 questions today...

1 - Right now I need to shit

2 - The one that makes me lots of money

3 - Uhm, I read a lot

4 - Swords & Wizardry Light. Is that a trick question?

5 - What game?

6 - I'd be divorced. Rach has a shitload of patience, but not that much

7 - Huh? The ones with metal dice I guess

8 - The one you like to play

9 - The one you like to play

10 - The Tavern, of course!

11 - Bunnies & Burrows. Wait, its already happening...

12 - Are we talking rulebook or just parts of the line?

13 - My dice kept rolling off the table so I bought a dice tray

14 - SWL - again, is this a trick question?

15 - adapting? is this like houseruling?

16 - SWL - some of these are easy

17 - lots

18 - lots

19 - SWL ;)

20 - My friends

21 - SWL

22 - SWL

23 - SWL

24 - This question makes no sense. Charging more than PWYW is simply charging. PWYW is a tip jar. Some publishers have PWYW and priced items. I'm confused

25 - Depends - do I need to answer this "family friendly"?

26 - Life

27 - Dice, pencil and paper

28 - All - None

29 - anything by Kevin Crawford or Zach Glazer

30 - there are ones that haven't been done?

31 - I'm not even sure I understand the question? My gaming? The hobby? What

Yep, 31 questions, barely one blog post.

Sorry if I sound snarky, but what real purpose does this shopping list of questions serve? Most of these questions are answered by a sentence or less.

Anyhow, for those asking me if I'm going to participate - here ya go. I'm good 'till August 2018 ;)


  1. You know if you do the first one on your list you won't be so grumpy to answer the rest of the questions.

  2. The RPGaDay questions are how I first got on YouTube. I get if you're not into it, but why hate on what others enjoy doing? Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...

  3. I know it was worthless, when ENworld was hyping it...

  4. RPGs thrive through content creation and participation...literally. I'm not much into "list of the month" stuff, either (diclaimer: did participate in one on D&D a few years ago), but I completely enjoy reading what people write about stuff like this when they are bloggers, and it seems like harmless fun that lets people engage with a common process.

    Careful, starting to think that lead minis/older gamer suggestion may be real!

  5. Item 24 means (I think): "This guy is giving his stuff away for free, essentially, when he shouldn't be because it's that good."

  6. I think that things like this serve to start conversations with in the community, pointing out how similar similar tastes can be. There's nothing wrong with that. There is no wrong fun. Stop worrying about wrong fun.

  7. Autocratik explains why it's a thing... Because he saw negativity, and wanted to contribute some positivity through questions that led to shared insights and experiences.

    The question of why do people participate is similar to the question of why people blog in the first place...with the same positive and negative answers possible.

    Personally, I'm somebody with years of rpg experience, but almost no free time. I take this time each year to enjoy expressing myself, seeing other people's completely different answers, and letting somebody else do the work of thinking up subjects that contribute to a shared experience. If I finish, that's great; if not, I have as much fun as possible doing what I can.

  8. I'm using it to try and write one (albeit short) blog post a day to try and get into the habit. Although, I really do like snarkiness!

    1. Doing it two years ago finally got me in the habit of regular updates to my blog after having let it go stagnant with months between posts. Now I generally get about 10-11 posts per month, aiming for posts on prime number days (mainly because I needed an easy-to-remember schedule and I find primes kinda neat...)

  9. They're writing prompts. Having everyone use the same writing prompt every day seems stupid.

    1. They're writing prompt suggestions. Totally optional. Blogging rule zero!

  10. Can't agree with the crusty hate-on for this. I love reading about what other folks find fun and interesting. Like the question about what RPG cover is most evocative of the game itself - I love seeing what folks come up with. Plus, it made me think, and realize that Larry Elmore and Jim Holloway are to RPG Covers what John Williams is to film music.


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