Monday, August 7, 2017

Announcing the Hero's Brew - The Official Podcast of The Tenkar's Tavern Community

art by +Craig Brasco 

Yep. We done did it. We spread our wings and flew right here. The Tavern. What am I talking about?

Hero's Brew, The Official Podcast of the Tenkar's Tavern Community.

Here's the link to our opening. If this doesn't tell you the kind of podcast we plan to give to the community, I don't know what does.

It really is a podcast for the community. We plan to get y'all involved with the podcast. How? Heh. Trust us on this one.

We still have some stuff to hash out but this will be coming to your digital doorstep fairly soon.

So, join us for a Hero's Brew, relax and enjoy your time in The Digital Tavern ;)

edit - forgot the damn link and my partners in crime - +James Spahn and +Glen Hallstrom :)


  1. fixed the missing link - and added my partners in crime

    damn excitement got the best of me...

  2. "Your local pub in the OSR." That's maybe the best description I've ever heard of this blog, like *ever*, and I'll definitely listen to the podcasts. :)

  3. Nice.. Now my show feels naked because I didn't jigger up a snazzy intro :P

  4. Hero's Brew sounds like it needs an accompanying magic item of the same name.

    *envisions a hero drinking Hero's Brew while wielding his Staff of Swords & Wizardry*

    "Hey, is that staff heavy?"
    "Nope. It's Light."


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