Friday, August 4, 2017

Save or Die - New Episode is Live - NTRPG Recap and Moving On

The latest and greatest episode of Save or Die is up for you to listen to+James Spahn , +Glen Hallstrom and myself talk about NTRPG Con 2017 from back in June. Yeah, it was a while between episodes. Life doesn't always cooperate as one might like.

I did make things a challenge for Glen as he had to clean up some of my F-Bombs in production. Sorry, Glenn, I'll try harder next time. I will say this. It was probably the most fun I've had recording a podcast. I kid you not. I think we were all hitting out marks and I hope it shows.

Its also the last episode of Save or Die with the three of us as hosts. He are moving on to other projects. If you want to keep in the know, keep an eye out here, at The Tavern and we'll keep you updated. Nothing is until it is and never say never.

I'd like to thank +Vincent Florio and Wild Games Productions for giving us the opportunity to keep y'all entertained and informed. Some of the greatest podcast fans in the world are loyal listeners to Save or Die, Roll for Initiative and THAC0's Hammer. Old School Gaming is where it is at.

Thanks to all of the listeners. You made every minute we spent recording worth it many times over. Hopefully we'll be able to pay you back in the future ;)


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  2. I heart the Save Or Die podcast. I have a question for the hosts. Which is scarier, Dungeons or Dragons? And why?

  3. oh man... I just started re-listening to it.


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