Thursday, August 3, 2017

Far West Non Announcement from Gareth on Twitter Video

Yep, Gareth spoke about Far West yesterday on Twitter for RPGaDay 2017. I had to downsize the video quality to post this, but you can capture it (and Gareth) in all of its glory on Gareth's Twitter feed.


Reminds me I need a haircut and a shave...


  1. Hey, he admits that a lot of people are angry with him and should be. While that itself isn't a release date or the like, that is a pretty important step. If he finally announces something in the next few months? Even better. But he admits that there is a problem, I'll give him credit for that...he doesn't try to dodge the issue...

    "...and they should be."

  2. I would be more impressed if he updated his backers - the people who gave him money - instead of screwing around on Twitter. The backers haven't heard from GMS since May 1st.

    Not that anything he tells them seems to mean anything anyway.

  3. Bob, consistently lying and screwing people then saying, "My bad!" doesn't excuse a person.

  4. Ah, announcing that you'll have a real announcement later, at an unspecified date via a different channel - I think we've all come to know what that means.


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