Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1st, 2017 - Just Another Day for "Mr. Failure" #ConManKen

Yep, today is the day #ConManKen was supposed to have all of his Kickstarter ducks in a line. You know, delivered by August 1st, 2017.

I'm going to call it right now - Ken is the fucking failure he's always been and always will be. That is my opinion. Your's might differ.

Now, here's some facts - Ken has failed to deliver on his empty promises YET again.

But that's okay. Because he's on "set":

Ken - here's a message directly for you:

You sir, are a thief, a conman, a liar, a fraud and most importantly - a failure. You are lucky if you successfully complete a bowel movement. If you want to be rid of me - complete your outstanding Kickstarter obligations. It really is that simple.

This is Poo Poo Face reporting on #ConManKen's latest failure.


  1. On an extra. I'm betting he has slunk back to Atlanta in response to the recent call for additional extras for Godzilla. Someone let that ripped off actress in Georgia to keep an eye out.

  2. "i HAD to go covert for a bit, to keep these TROLLS from allowing me to survive."

    So those pesky trolls were letting him live, and Ken obviously couldn't have that.

  3. Is anyone actually surprised at this? Just another normal day for ConManKen.

    1. A year ago when Kenny-poo gave himself a year's extension on everything, I honestly thought he might try to half-ass one of his projects across the finish line. Maybe one of the pencils; you know, something simple and mindless (like Kenny-poo). But, instead, he frittered and hid and moved and scammed and threatened and wasted a whole year. So does he toss out another excuse? Does he go deeper into denial hiding? Let's wait and see if he surfaces...

  4. I supported one of Ken's Kickstarters and a couple others that didn't pan out so far but haven't received the scrutiny that his have.

    1. That's because Ken has a long history of ALLEGEDLY scamming people out of money that extends far past his six unfulfilled Kickstarters (also SIX unfulfilled Kickstarters). The Not Another Dime for Ken Whitman blog covers a lot of it, but the TLDR version is that (nearly?) every business he has ever headed up has ALLEGEDLY fleeced consumers and even employees - from his old RPG imprints, to his absolute scam of a POD business, to his more recent 'acting studio' in Georgia. The guy is ALLEGEDLY a serial fraudster. That said, there is a mountain of evidence all over the Internet to support most of these allegations, from first-hand victim statements to words from the man himself. So, yeah, he gets a lot more scrutiny than many other failed Kickstarter creators. BECAUSE HE EARNED IT.

  5. Ken just keeps on giving...Unless you fund his Kickstarters in which he just keeps taking.

  6. The question is "Will Kenny-poo even bother to post an 'update' kicking the can down the road another year, or will he mutter 'Fuck'em' and try to stay low?"

  7. Successfully completing a bowel movement is actually more challenging as you age. The ConManKen Saga - Your disappointment may vary.

  8. I'm really opposed to the Kickstarter and pre-order culture for most things. It makes sense if you're wanting to distribute to a new medium (like taking a game out on PDF and making a hardback book out of it) but not for things like "development expenses."

    Don't pay artists to create unless you have the capital to burn, because burn it you shall if they are the same kind of person as ConManKen. Some things, like art commissioning, work like this because there is immediate back and forth conversation between the artist and the commissioner, and they are small enough projects to where there isn't a lot of risk involved. You're going to get something, even if it isn't exactly what you want. ConManKen and others like him take your money and give you nothing in return.

    1. "Do your homework"

      That's what KonManKen taught me on all his scammy kickstarters. Look at the author, look at the pledge level, check to see how many they have done, are doing at that time, and then I say to myself "If I back this and I lose this amount of money will I be upset?"

      If I get any red flags in looking at the project creator I back for $1 on a credit card that expired. That way I can follow along and see what is going on, and if the KS succeeds, I can alter my pledge 10 days afterwards and spend the money I should.

    2. The other ones would be the Bill Barsh and the John Adams one...

  9. How is Ken even a free man ? Did he put wording in each of his kickstarter campaigns to say he is developing or has he developed?

    We all know now he supposedly owns a store in Kentucky. Why hasn't a class action lawsuit developed to get people's money back ?

    Captain PooPoo keep up the good work !

    Conmanken I hope you come to GaryCon X.... rumor has it there is still space at the bottom of Lake Geneva for another set of cement overshoes.

    Thank God I never bought into your scams and didn't fund your felonious ass. I will just sit back and watch as others see if all that hot air you spew out of your mouth helps you a float.

    See you at GaryCon!



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