Monday, June 12, 2017

Time for a Monday Morning Tavern Update - Interviews, Content and Sales - Oh My!

Some quick things:

- I was interviewed by +Erik Jensen yesterday afternoon. I assume he'll be posting it on his G+ feed tonight. I'll be sharing it as a post later today. Come for the drama! Stay for the beer! ;)

- I'm going to be ass deep in content creation the next week or so. If I seem distant, I'm doing it for you. Or maybe your buddy. Who knows, maybe you won't like the stuff. As usual, Works in Progress (WIP) to be posted here at The Tavern.

- The OSR Extravaganza Sale at RPGNow wrapped up today. If you made a purchase (or purchases) through The Tavern's affiliate links, I personally thank you. The response to the sale was HUGE! Over $8k in sales were made through The Tavern's affiliate links of which 5% went to support the work of The Tavern.

- When I say "the OSR is an underserved market" (and I do say it, you will read it) it is. Maybe not in number of products but by being recognized as a viable and vibrant community that publishers, large and small should be looking at. Not to mention distributors / online market places like RPGNow. As consumers, we are (generally speaking) older, with jobs and more discretionary income. Show us some respect and you may just sell us some product.

- As a total aside, Frog God Games will be assisting me with various expenses associated with attending cons. Yes, my cardboard sign should state "Will work on SWL for Room, Food and lots of Booze!" - Look for me at The Frogs booth at Gamehole, Gary Con, NTRPG and where various Frogs are known to be in attendance. I look forward to meeting as many of The Tavern's Community as I can. Please tell me the name you comment under when we meet :)


  1. Grognard purchasers put the "O(h! Would you look at that)!" in O.S.R.

  2. Though I've been burned in the past, I'm still interested in hiring an RPG convention representative for Kort'thalis Publishing.

  3. Will you be attending Origins this week?

    1. No Origins for me this week. Too close to NTRPG - need to recover and do some work ;)

  4. Providing recommendations with handy affiliate links to each made a big difference. I thought I had all the OSR products that I needed for now -- and then your near-daily recommendations proved me wrong. It was a great way of increasing awareness of products I didn't know about (and earning a well-deserved tip).

  5. Sweet! Glad to hear the sales were so good.


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