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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#ConManKen Claims "Self Inflicted Alzheimer's"

Not to belittle a possible health scare for #ConManKen, but we all knew SOME event was going to occur before August that would be an excuse not to fulfill ANY of his Kickstarter projects.

The Official #ConManKen clock stands at:

So Ken has been diagnosed with CTE. Wait! not so fast.

According to, an Alzheimer's information website:
Currently, there is not a test to determine if someone has CTE. Because CTE is a relatively new area of exploration for researchers and physicians, formal clinical guidelines for diagnosing and managing CTE do not yet exist. A definitive diagnosis can only be made through an autopsy after death.
Or how about Boston University:
At this time CTE can only be diagnosed after death by postmortem neuropathological analysis. Right now there is no known way to use MRI, CT, or other brain imaging methods to diagnose CTE. The CTE Center is actively conducting research aimed at learning how to diagnose CTE during life. 
If #ConManKen can continue "acting", "teach acting", hock Walking Dead shit for hours - he can finish his Kickstarters. Not that he will, but theoretically he can.

Mark my words, CTE is the excuse he will use when nothing is done by August 1st. You read it here first but I'm sure you could draw your own conclusions.


  1. I'll wait for the autopsy to confirm the diagnosis then.

  2. Maybe Ken wasn't acting on TWD - maybe he really is an animated corpse, with a CTE-riddled brain, and focused instead on eating people's money rather than their bodies.

    1. In which episode(s) he appears?

    2. I think there was a screen cap posted on this site somewhere. Believe he's had "blink and you missed him" cameos with no actual speaking lines.

  3. Unless he's been diagnosed by an actual physician....unless he's currently undergoing some kind of therapy or is on some kind of medication...unless there is ANY kind of outside confirmation of this illness other than Kenny Googling it one afternoon...I absolutely doubt the validity of this so-called "diagnosis".

  4. I hadn't heard Aug 1st is the new date. is this for all his late KS'ers or just a select few?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. From Ken's own lips:

    3. @Tim Snider, please note that all kickstartes are in varipus stages.

    4. @elrics, but they are on sceduel.



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