Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Geek Chic is Deceased - No Tables for You!

The Rolls Royce of RPG Tables is done. Gone. Kaput. No more is Geek Chic.

I could never afford one of these tables but damn, I so wish I could. I guess I should be thankful the temptation is gone.

If you read the Boardgame Geek thread on this, you find some interesting backstory:

and posts like this:

The tread survived 6 pages before being locked.

In any case, if you are still in the market for gaming tables, there are a number of manufacturers linked throughout the thread.


  1. One of the guys in my gaming group just got his table and chair set like 2 months ago. Seems he narrowly dodged a bullet! I hope all the people with in-flight orders get their tables or money back!

  2. Like Grandpa Riley always said "everyone is reputable till they screw you".

  3. That's a super bummer. I haven't read the whole thing, but it sounds like crash really screwed them (if they didn't do due diligence research, they are culpable as well, of course, but stealing their truck and fleeing the nation? WTF?)
    Just a crap sandwich for all involved.

  4. It also might be that too many people are making their own, themselves. There are a lot of videos and blog posts on doing just that.

  5. Well, maybe if they didn't charge thousands of dollars for tables that a local craftsman can make for less than a fourth of the cost...

  6. It is not the price that is charged, yes they are over priced, but in the custom furniture business it is all about the cost to produce those pieces and how efficient you can be at it. GC had 50 employees but still had a 7 month production time. That means the demand was there but that doesn't mean that they could turn a profit.
    I know because we have faced this same proposition several times over the past few years. We make custom gaming tables and have done so by word of mouth for the past several years. The temptation to go bigger has been there but we have decided to stay small and only focus on the Southwestern United States. By doing this we keep our production time down to about 6 weeks and are able more than busy enough to keep the shop humming.

    Uniquely Geek


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