Saturday, June 17, 2017

Is the Gygax Memorial Fund Deleting Posts from their Facebook Feed? Audit Post Gone Missing

So, I got to thinking - didn't Gail Gygax promise an audit of the Gygax Memorial Fund last year on the Fund's Facebook Page as well as promising to post said results?

So, I dug out the screenshot I took at May 1st of 2016 and lo and behold, she did say such on April 30th of last year. Strangely enough, I can no longer find it in the GMF Facebook feed. I had this issue a few months ago with trying to find the same post and assumed it was Facebook's new algorithm screwing with the posting order. This time i read the whole feed. Nada

Above is the screenshot I took last year.

Why delete such a detailed posting?

Well, we are still waiting on said audit.

The internet has a long memory. You really can't "delete" anything. Especially when folks screenshot your words, like I do.

The feed actually IS in post order, so the post in question HAS been deleted.

Gail, all we want in the truth. Is it that much to ask for? Why are you constantly making enemies out of potential allies?

Try some transparency for once. Seriously. Don't simply promise it and then pretend you never did.

And please remember, the internet has a long memory. It doesn't forget.

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  1. While I understand some of the ire currently directed at Gail Gygax, there has also been a large, vocal, cadre of shitty people cheering for her to fail ever since Gary passed away (well before there was any reason for such behavior other than people being complete assholes). I remember people calling for her fucking DEATH just because she pulled the rights for Gary's stuff from Troll Lords, for instance. Frankly, if I were her, I wouldn't be in any big hurry to interact with people who clearly don't wish me well, either. Now, that might be a mistake on her part, from a business standpoint, but from a personal standpoint I completely understand it.


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