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Friday, April 14, 2017

Wayward Kickstarter - Its Tax Season, So Lets Look at Myth & Magic!

Ah, Myth & Magic. How I despise you. Tom Ryan, alleged liar and alleged tax attorney and proven asshole is still stringing folks along. Because so long as you do what? Yearly updates? Somehow you are fulfilling your obligations.

Tom, the man who posted my shipping info in the comments of the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter. BTW, that isn't "allegedly", he did so. I had to reach out to Kickstarter to have it removed.

Because, you know, Tom claimed to have shipped ALL of the Player's Guides, but many backers are still waiting and those that ordered multiple copies got but a fraction of what they paid for. Again, facts, not allegations.

I expected my copy to arrive urine soaked. Fact, it arrived fine. Color me surprised.

So, what does Tom do? He updates the M&M Gamemaster's Guide KS. That's the one where no one has gotten shit. Again, fact, not allegation. First update in nearly 13 months. Backers only, so I can't read it but something tells me it says something to the effect: "Soon! I promise!"

Tom, in my personal opinion, you are a (alleged) thief, (alleged) liar and nearly 5 years late on getting the M&M Player's Guide in the hands of people that gave you good money.

Tom, today is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter. Are you joining Gareth and Ken at the Church of the Deception for services? Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. Update reads "I have a quick update. We have finished the GMG and the Collector's Edition, but are awaiting one interior finished piece (which is actually Jeff's group piece, go figure ;) and the cover to the Collector's Edition.

    The artist (who has done such a great job; we can't wait for you to see his stuff) is trying to finish up the two pieces this month.

    We will release completed PDFs literally the day we input the pieces in the software program, then line up things for printing.

    I'm sorry (again!) for the delay, but know that we continue to work in the shadows. We want the books on our shelves too! ;)"

    1. Sal,

      Where will the updated PDF be released? I know it's on RPGNow but it looks to be an old version.

  2. Well, maybe you should cut him some slack. Rumor has it he's been busy helping build the Gygax Memorial.

  3. Eric, I am the Jeff referenced in the update and I CAN confirm everything Tom has said. I know, I have been the main one working with Tom to finish this beast. Certainly Tom has had a rough patch and I know there are some outstanding issues to be resolved from the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter. I was a backer for both. I was the one who put together the initial expanded PDF which Tom put out sometime ago. I have continued to work on putting the info and layouts for the GM Guide and can confirm that all but the final 2 pieces of art are complete. Please know that I have spent A LOT of my time, gratis because I believe in the game, to get this off the ground. I understand the disappointment many feel, but this IS happening and I hope that within the next month or so the completed GM Guide PDF will be ready!! I also updated the Player's Guide PDF with the expanded content, updating it a bit, so backers of both Kickstarters will be getting that as well. Byway, thought I would chime in to say that I personally have done a TON of work on this as a fan and backer who stepped up to help Tom out and appreciate everyone's patience . . . I hope you will Iike the results :)

    1. Sorry, meant to type Erik! I am at the airport traveling home from work for Easter Weekend :)

    2. That's great Jeff and not that this is your fault but I CAN CONFIRM that it has been a year since Tom messaged me and told me that my Player's Guides were being shipped and I still have not received a single thing.

    3. months later, what's the excuse now?

  4. I still have never received my M&M Players Guide. I gave up years ago.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have a copy of the Players Guide and I wasn't even a backer. Messed up.

  7. Myth and Magic is a personal sore spot for me. The OSR has given us many variations on AD&D 1e but far less options when it comes to 2e. And 2e is my favourite iteration of D&D of all time. Hands down. So I was OVERJOYED to find Myth and Magic. I waited for the KS to close so that I could buy the books after they ship and...we all know what happened.

    Despite all of that I still want for this to be a success. Hell I would still buy a copy of the Player's Guide/DM Guide.

  8. Definitely have a sore spot for this. I was super hyped for M&M and of course disappointed by the horrible treatment of the KS. When my book finally arrived years later, I just put it on the shelf without really looking at it. I flipped through it for the first time a day or so ago and was surprised by how much it was grabbing me. Part of me wants to play it, but also part of me wants nothing to do with it. Tough spot to be in.

  9. I still haven't received a thing. Has it really been 5 years?

  10. Coming up soon should be our yearly excuse , or should I say update. I really wonder what happened this time. Mabey Jeff knows!



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