Saturday, April 15, 2017

I've Got my Schedule for NTRPG Con 2017

My Registration is done for NTRPG 2017. The only thing Rach and I missed out on was getting into one of +Doug Kovacs DCC RPG sessions - we've been lucky three years running up to this. That being said, we've played pick up game with Doug in the past and may just have to again this year :)

I'm running two sessions of Swords & Wizardry Light this year. The Thursday afternoon session is full but the Friday afternoon session still has a few slots open.

Rappan Athak is being run by +Skeeter Green and Mythus Tower is being run by +Bill Webb . What a coincidence, Rach and I are playing in TWO Swords & Wizardry games. Sunday we're in Merle Rasmussen's Top Secret: New World Order game. Rach and I play tested it last year and Sunday should be a blast.

If we're not gaming, we'll either be by The Frogs' Table, the bar or making our rounds around the Con.

I do so love NTRPG Con.

As an aside, I'm not sure if I'm going to allow Rach by the pool this year. She gets into feisty discussions with gamers that have no clue who I am when she hands out by the pool...


  1. Matt Finch is running Mythrus Tower as well. There's still space in my Thursday 9a S&W game if you've got the chops. It's a thinking game, your wife would do well. ;)

    1. I've played in Matt's Games - simply amazing - but a 10 am start lasts till 4, and i'm running SWL at 3


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