Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Updated Swords & Wizardry Light PDF With Corrections & Clarifications Available for Download - High Res and Low Res

A HUGE thanks goes out to +Zach Glazar for updating the Swords & Wizardry Light PDF (both High Res and Low Res versions) with the edits, corrections and clarifications pointed out by the community.

Consider this version 1.01. Somehow I suspect there will be a minor tweak or two still to be found before we can consider this the "Gold Copy" or whatnot ;)

FYI, the High Res version of SWL was been reduced in size by about 10 MB, so over a third. to 17.5 MB. If your tablet had problems with the snazzier version before, the updated file may work better than its predecessor.

The Low Res version of SWL comes in at 3.9 MB.

As for the notable changes / corrections / clarifications:

- Starting weaponry was added to the M-U description

- Hit Dice (HD) are defined under the heading of Constitution (as a high constitution grants a bonus to the HD roll)

- The Combat Table was corrected to follow the advancement of the Fighter's BAB as detailed in the fighter's description

- Corrected the spelling of my name in the copyright ;)

- Other typos / spacing / etc

You can grab the updated PDFs as well as the Word file from here: http://bit.ly/2eHQNZw

(you do know its free, right? ;)


  1. M-U: There's no damage for the M-U weapons, while they are in the listings for the other classes.

    Ascending/Descending AC: For a beginner's game, I'd just pick one and run with it. Personally, I'd go with Ascending. It's easier for a beginner, and lets you go with attack bonuses, drop the to-hit table to save some space, and use it for a simple reaction table. But suum cuique on Ascending/Descending, as long as you pick one.

    Wyvern: What does the poison do? Just the 1d6 damage?

    Monsters in general: It would be faster to have their saves in the statblock. Also, 9 of 18 are monstrous humanoids, 3 of 18 are giant animals, 3 of 18 are undead, leaving three that don't fit these categories: dryad, worg, wyvern. While this is a low-level game, should there be a little more variety in foes?

    Movement: Since the movement rate is tied to race, it would make sense to put it in the race writeup.

    1. 1 - will look into for the next revision

      2 - SWL is a Swords & Wizardry Official ruleset. Ascending / descending is a requirement. SWL assumes some familiarity with RPGs, either from youth or other flavors or from other players. To be a true beginners game, we'd have to explain what RPGs are, and that is beyond the scope or available space.

      3 - poison is Save or Die. We'll make note of that in the next revision

      4 - i'll look into adding saves to the stat blocks if it doesn't throw off the already tight layout. we literally wrote this under a type of "Twitter" rule, using as few characters as possible to conserve space.

      As for variety of monsters, expect more to be added when the one-sheets and other adventures get released. Again, limited space meant limited initial assortment.

      5 - we'll look into it :)

  2. Different monsters? Stay tuned... :)

  3. I would love to see a version number of some kind added to the credits box.

    I would also like to see consistency when specifying hps instead of HDs at new levels: the MU says "+1 hp at 2nd lvl" where as the Thief spells out "2HD+1 at 3rd lvl". The Fighter does it slightly different as "1+1HD at 1st lvl"

    We know what we mean but it is confusing to someone when this is their first RPG.

    1. valid points. I'd like to see a version number too :)

      the HP thing is something that we all looked at and none of us caught for exactly the reason you say - we "knew it" - definitely something to be tweaked next time around

  4. Under Combat in step 4, the "keep turn order..." should be changed to "roll initiative".

    The step as currently written assumes initiative is rolled once and then the turn order maintained through the rest of combat. The above was changed starting with 2nd printing of Core. However, it has stayed around through all printings of White Box.

  5. Is it just me or are the newer PDF's harder to read? They seem a bit blurry on screen and in print, the last version did not.

    1. My printed copy is perfectly fine to read. I used the high-rez version.

      Then again, I work at a print shop. ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Not that it matters bit I printed this out on cardstock and laminated it for my daughter. She has been wanting to run her own system, we do S&W already and this will be the perfect thing for her to cut her teeth on. Expect my "11-year-old girl dungeonmaster review soon!


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