Saturday, January 21, 2017

Apparently I Used to Paint Minis & Why are All of my Skeletons ALL Missing an Arm?

 Rach had me doing some major cleaning today. actually, not so much cleaning as Marriage Archeology 101 - I dug through drawers and such of my clutter that hadn't been touched for years PRIOR to our marriage in 2011. Yes, I put this off for over 5 years AND STILL completed the project faster than Gareth.

Sadly, my skellies all seem to have lost their weapons as well as the arms attached to such. These are Games Worksop plastic minis and I guess the glue didn't hold up over time.

Painting all ended in the summer of 1996 and many of these minis are in various stages of painting (or lack there off) I think I do need to return to the hobby.


  1. Hey Erik,

    I got back into painting minis last year and I've been streaming some over on twitch, I've learnt a lot from watching other folk live stream.

    This this month I'm trying to raise money for a charity that helps enable disabled people to use technology and play video games. Everyone who donates has the chance to win some great prizes including a starter paint set, miniatures and some cool RPG stuff including copies of 13th Age, Swords and Six Siders, Dare The Stars and some awesome stuff from Squarehex. I hope you don't mind me sharing the link, any chance of a shout out on your blog? http://twitch.tv/m0rt75

  2. I find painting to be a great way to focus one's mind. The detail work seems to do that for me while at the sam time being weirdly relaxing. I try to keep up enough of a pace for my weekly Miniatures Monday posts, which is the most stressful part of the endeavor. Happy painting!

  3. I still have that female, dwarven cleric on the right side of bottom pic. She came in a blister with a male. Neither had helmets, both had headbands. Ral Partha I think ... I struggle to remember my wife's birthday, but this I can rattle off? Oy vey.


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