Saturday, January 21, 2017

Apparently Someone Forgot to Set their Lunar Clock - Another Month of Silence On Far West (Oh, and another missed delivery)

So, here we are, three weeks into 2017.

We were supposed to get "something" by the end of 2016. Never happened.

Of course, I could set my watch by Gareth's failed deliver dates. So long as I was using a lunar standard.

Here's the link to file a complaint with the Attorney General in Kansas.


And now, a musical interlude by Kansas:

How long? How Long? How long to the point of no return...


  1. It is about time that he stands up and takes responsibility for his failure. The AG of a state going after him might do the trick.

  2. He needs to just admit that he failed and release whatever work has been completed to date.

  3. Does anyone know the statistics on how often this sort of thing happens? Of RPG kickstarters that reach their funding goals, what percentage don't deliver the product? Very curious. I suspect it's a small percentage???

    1. Tiny. 1/100 if even that. Ive backed at least that many projects and so far ive had only 3 fail to ship :

      1 dice product: guy absconded with cash after failing to make molds that would work

      2 pencil dice: ken whitman. Nuff said

      3. Judges guild csio: insanely late. The Bob( 3?4?) is still working on it.

      Scandal sells and a shipped product rarely garnishes as much attention as tragedy.

  4. He's finally commented in the KS page.

    And get this: he blames the people that reported him to the AG for making Far West late.

    Go look.


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