Monday, November 21, 2016

Smell Adventure? Get Some Adventure Scents (For Real - Really)

Ever wonder what a sewer smells like? A dungeon perhaps? A dragons lair? Horse stables? I always guessed they all smelled like piss, shit and rotting flesh and vegetation of various degrees, but here's your chance to smell such for real!

Yep, as if it wasn't bad enough to occasional game with gamers with bad hygiene habits, no you can smell the true smell of roleplaying.

Maybe its just me, but smell-orama was never a selling point for me.

But hey, Adventure Scents has for those of you that want to experience adventuring "for realz!" the opportunity to enjoy such smells.

While you are at it, maybe a FeBreze for Cons.



  1. You know... I actually kind of like this

  2. I've followed AS for a while against the hope that I would have the funds to use their project on a consistent basis. In the meantime, I just use incense and scented candles because the gamerspace we use is my basement and, well, basements can have a kind of dungeon-like scent where you do not want it.

  3. They or something like them were at GenCon last year. A "representative" left something that I think was called 'shot out pizza parlor' at one of the gaming tables I was playing Shadowrun at. It was terrible. After a few minutes stinking up the table one person complained of a headache and it annoyed everyone else at the table. After that it was closed and left as a 'surprise' for the next group.

    I would understand it, maybe, if they tried to rebrand traditional pleasing scents. But mixing oregano, machine oil, and some other scent-lab rejects (dead skunk) into something to get people to buy to enhance their game puzzled me.


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