Sunday, November 20, 2016

First Review of Swords & Wizardry Light - OmnusCritic does a Video Review

Wow. There is little more heart stopping than listening to someone review your work. Looks like we made the cut...

Its about 14 minutes long. I can breath again. Heh ;)


  1. Totally fair and objective criticism. You made something good. Be proud. I will not be so kind to others.

    1. Well done, Rob, and congrats, Erik!

      As a side note: Rob, I will be reading your entries in Wednesday night chat in Orson Welles' voice henceforth. :)

    2. Fair enough. I figured a more laid-back voice was more useful for separating this critic's playlist from my regular Lair of OmnusI videos. I try to be flexible.

    3. 'Twas my first experience with your videos, so I didn't have the memory of Lair videos to compare. I don't get to watch as much YouTube as I would like (my Watch Later list is immense!), but one day my kids will grow up!

      Happy gaming,


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