Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Humble Bundle of Frog God / Kobold Press and Green Ronin Pathfinder Releases (OSR Value here too)

So, Pathfinder is the current Humble Bundle. Pretty impressive. "But its Pathfinder!", you say. It is, but it isn't all such.

What do I mean? Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks is really an OSR release. Bill "thinks" and "schemes" OSR. If nothing else, grab for a buck and you are already ahead.

Zobeck Gazetteer and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms are setting books. Easy enough to ignore any Pathfinderness. And yes, you are still at a buck.

Rappan Athuk is worth the 8 bucks and then some. Again, just ignore the Pathfinderness, as it was originally written for old School Gaming.

At 15 bucks, the big adds are The Mother of All Treasure Tables (pretty much systemless) and Freeport. Easter egg, I was a backer of Halls of the Mountain King.

Needless to say, I dropped 15 bucks on this ;)


  1. Well worth it, and I don't even play Pathfinder.

  2. I so want to play this game - I have almost all the the original books - but no one in the rural hell where I live plays RPGs, let alone with a 57-year-old geek.

  3. There are some good setting books in there too. The Freeport book by Green Ronin is great and you can easily strip the Pathfinderness out of it. The Kobold Press stuff is also great (it focuses on their Midgard setting) and has a wealth of great lore and ideas that can easily be de-Pathfindered as well.

    Well worth the $15 or more for all this stuff, even if it is Pathfinder. As Erik mentioned, Rappan Athuk was written for old school gaming and you can easily ignore the Pathfinder mechanics for any skill checks (I usually strip them out anyway because I want my players to describe how they are going about things) and swap in S&W critters from Monstrosities & Tome of Horrors Complete on a 1:1 basis.


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