Friday, November 18, 2016

A Moment of Silence for Gareth's One Month of Twitter Free Existence (Far West Kickstarter)

Yep, its been a month since Gareth Skarka, he of a multitude of missed release dates for a single project, announced he was maintaining radio silence on Twitter until the near completion of his Holy Fucking Shit This is Late Project.

So, a month later and Gareth hasn't returned to Twitter. Huzzah!

So, a month later and Gareth has given the backers nothing to show for it.

So, a month later and Gareth has yet to comment on the Far West Kickstarter. Wait, make that a month and a half.

Next month makes this project 5 years late. Yes. 5 years.

I will say one thing for Gareth. He is consistent with his failure to communicate with his backers. I'm sure it serves him well.


  1. Tenkar could you take a look a this kickstarter? it is also way out of track and people are scared about its future: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/judgesguild/city-state-of-the-invincible-overlord

    1. To be fair, csio has delivered maps, rough drafts and misc crap that was not part of the ks. But I agree it's also stupid late.

    2. JG never should have severed their agreement with Necromancer Games, who put out some high quality products (and shelved the NG version of Tegel Manor)

    3. ... glad I'm into CSIO for only $20, I admit... but it's not urgent to me. The Glorantha 13th Age is running a bit long too, but again it's not urgent.

    4. At least there has been plenty of updates on the Glorantha 13th Age KS, though. Rob has been pretty transparent about where things are and why.

    5. A big part of why I'm not too worried about it. It'll get here when it gets here, and I'm pretty confident the extra time just makes it better.


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