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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Alert - Thief Steals Free Comics - Meanwhile, An "Alleged Thief" Takes Real Money - Ken Whitman appears at Games & Comics, London, KY

Now, I've heard of strange disconnects, but this one really strikes my fancy. I wonder why?

Now, isn't it interesting Marcus is willing to spend the time to take some random mope to Small Claims Court and prosecute him for taking a $3 comic and a stack of "free comics." Nor saying the man's actions were right, just trying something for perspective.

Then we have this post, an hour after the first one, where a real "Alleged Thief" shakes people down for money:

Gee, how many tens of thousands of dollars has Ken bilked folks out of? Yet a $3 thief needs an all points bulletin. Markus, I think your priorities are fucked up. Next time that $3 thief returns, give him the keys to your store. He still won't steal enough to reach the heights of Ken.

"Kids, let me tell you about the time I funded my acting career with money I misappropriated from Pencil Dice.
You won't believe how easy it is to get folks to give you money on a promise when you are a lovable lug like me!"


  1. Yet he doesn't have time to give updates on his six kickstarters in three months.

  2. For an "alleged thief" Ken does a pretty good job acting like a real one.

  3. Maybe Ken is a method actor... if so he has a double major as a POS.

  4. I'm with you on Whitman's douchery, but to be fair to the shop owner, the other guy had "a stack from the expensive pile" and a couple freebies, but tried only paying for one of the books, a $3 title. I assume from reading that the value of shoplifted comics was more than $3.


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