Friday, November 18, 2016

Extra Life Team Tadpole is Live - Here's Your Chance to Win some Frog God Games Goodness!

Extra Life Team Tadpole is on!!

5e Rappan Athuk Live Stream is up!

Starts at 6 PM Eastern on Friday Nov. 18.  (its live right now)

The Channel is twitch.tv/enn321. If you login and take a screenshot of the activity send a copy to zach@froggodgames.com and I will send a random winner one of our Mega sized PDFs with some extras next week. If the audience for the twitch channel gets a big enough audience you never know what kind of Frog Merchandise could get tossed around to the viewing audience.

If you haven't yet supported the Frog God Extra Team you can do so by clicking on the team page:


(tell them The Tavern sent you ;)

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