Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sale - Castles & Crusades Adventures - PDF - $1.99

Looks like Troll Lord Games is running another $1.99 Sale on their adventure PDFs at OneBookShelf.

There are lots of good choices, but my highlights would be Lost City of Gaxmoor, Town of Kalas , Free City of Eskadia and Heart of Glass. Yeah, I'm partial to setting releases as they are easy to steal from for your own campaign, regardless of system of choice.

Sale is on for another 39 hours or so.

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  1. 18 new PDFs for 36 bucks. Nice to finally pick up some of the stuff I didn't have. If you dig through all their stuff on there they have quite a few supplements and modules for 1.99.

  2. I'd really like to grab some of these, but I'm terrified of typos..


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