Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Far West - Next Week Never Arrives - Five Years Late WILL, However, Be Here in Two Months

You gotta love Gareth. He has more excuses than I ever did as a kid that hated doing my homework. Yep, I had excuses for late papers. But Gareth, man he's endless.

BTW, the money that was supposed to go towards printing? Long gone. How do we know?

Gareth needs money coming in before any can go out.

Look at his "beta versions" comment. Its been over 5 weeks. We haven't seen Jack nor Shit. Not an uncommon occurrence with Gareth. If nothing else, he is consistent with his inconsistency and failure to deliver.

He's an Icon though. He is Iconic as a successfully funded total failure to deliver Kickstarter creator.

For those looking for advice on how to handle this unfulfilled promise:

Maybe this is the kick in the ass Gareth needs to motivate himself to produce a product that he was paid for 5 years ago.


  1. Maybe his finishing this project depends on a copyright expiring? So, potentially after maybe up to 70+ more years he can actually release Far West. Keep the Faith!

    On a non-sarcastic note, taking up legal action may be the only way to see some kind of resolution to this matter. It might get him to actually get something out the door, or it might cause him to publicly admit that the Far West is never coming. Either of those outcomes seem preferable to continuing song and dance routine as to how this game's arrival is just around the corner.

  2. This guy has strung his backers along long enough. When Eric Franklin made his complaint to the Washington state AG, Skarka told the attorney general ON THE RECORD that Far West would be delivered IN PRINT by the end of 2015. It wasn't, and now - almost a year later - not even the pdf has been delivered. Backers should provide this information to their own AG, along with a demand for a refund. It's the only way to hold this guy accountable for his failure to deliver (with a side order of abuse and arrogance).


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