Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Speaking of Whitman - Heeeeeeres Kenny!

I look good in a suit. Maybe if I sneak out the back i can keep it
Fuck it! It's worth a try...
Gotta love that bald headed mug. He's so... something...

No, I didn't bother watching the whole episode. I respect myself too much for that.

Skip to around 5:10.

So Kenny, how many Kickstarter backers are going to get what they paid for with your big break? Did you offer the crew any pencil dice?


  1. You should watch his part. First he looks constipated, then he looks incontinent. Then he clutches his ear and heads off-camera.

    Pro tip: For most of us, incontinence has nothing to do with our heads.

    1. ah, but when your head is full of shit, the two go together ;)

  2. The SAG-AFTRA minimum day rate for background actors in a TV series is $162. I don't think he'll be refunding too many backers with that. That's also the rate for the LA zone, I have no idea what it is for Atlanta, nor am I strongly motivated to look it up.

  3. You guys evidently watch shows that I don't. What was this?

    1. You are better off not knowing. You hear "macgyver reboot" and think I bet they screw that right up. Then you see the MacGyver character (center frame in both still above) and think well they sure did.

      Then you watch the first episode (accidentally hopefully) and have to resort to the bleach eyewash, since they managed to make it worse than you could imagine.

    2. Well, to be fair it's on CBS, they only produce garbage that requires eye bleaching after viewing.


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