Monday, September 26, 2016

Kickstarter - Kaigaku, a Samurai RPG (A Black Hack hack)

"A high-drama samurai RPG where noble courtiers, devious ninja, heroic ascetics and mighty bushi all clash for the glory of their clan."

The above is the basic description of Kaigaku, a Samurai RPG. It's a hack of The Black Hack RPG (The Black Hack has spawned a plethora of of "hacks")

I haven't played in an asian flavored RPG since AD&D 1e's Oriental Adventures. So I find Kaigaku very intriguing.

What's very nice is that you can download a no frills version of the rules for free from the Kickstarter page. Kinda like "try before you buy."

From the KS page:
Where is it Now? 
Right now Kaigaku is available as a free, no-art, barebones game, which you can download from the link in the first paragraph. Since I released the game I've vastly expanded the manuscript (it's now more than three times as long as the original) and it's been professionally edited multiple times. The premium game also boasts beautiful work from such talented artists as Lord Zsezse Works, Gennifer Bone, Peter Frain and Enmanuel "Lema" Martinez. This is truly my favorite project, and I want it to be the best that it can be. 
What's New? 
The premium version of Kaigaku features lots of new content, including multiple NPC generators, a mass battle system, rules for using your honor as a weapon, 15 new ryu and more. 
What are the Design Principles? 
-Brevity and clear rules
-Easy enough to learn in a day
-Setting that fires up your imagination without dominating it
-Fun above all else

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