Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Release - Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Monsters (OSR)

+John Stater has released Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Monsters. Blood & Treasure is an excellent OSR set of rules and I'm not just saying that because of it's heavy influence from Swords & Wizardry. 2e Monsters is a great resource for any OSR system.

Sadly, I forgot to upload the PDF copy John gave me to my tablet or it would have been some excellent weekend getaway reading. Ah well, when I return to the city later today - after football ;)

Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Monsters is $9.99 in PDF.

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From the blurb:

Blood & Treasure is the fantasy role-playing game for people who want to spend less time arguing over rules and more time playing, and the new 2nd Edition continues this tradition.

Compatible with old school games, it strives to be rules lite and options heavy.

Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition is designed to give you years of enjoyment in just two volumes, this book and the Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Rulebook, which features the rules, classes, spells, treasure and advice you need to create and run fantasy adventures.

In this volume you get over 600 monsters drawn from folklore, fantasy and mythology. Forty of these monstrosities can be used as player characters with the help of the Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Rulebook. You also get encounter tables with all of these monsters divided by environment and challenge level.

Blood & Treasure doesn't want to tell you what kind of fantasy game you should enjoy, it just wants to put all the tools in your hands and let you play YOUR GAME, YOUR WAY


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  1. I love the little one-page adventures mixed into the book - not just because they use my maps, but because they are awesome mixed into what is already a book of awesome.


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