Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Gygax Memorial Fund is a Hive of Activity these Days (Assuming a Small Hive in Winter)

I'm guessing someone pointed out to Gail that a website and proposed memorial devoted to her late husband should actually showcase her late husband and not her posing in a gaudy tunnel.

And look, there's even a link to the Variety Magazine story. That's the first legit update of news on this site since December 8th of 2014.

I may need a drink just to steady my nerves.

Notice the July 28th Written Tribute. That's not July 28, 2016. The last tribute was added on January 25, 2013.

I see why they leave the year off.

I'm going to make a suggestion that I'm sure won't be listened to. Delete the useless Tower of Gygax, FAQ and Online Store tabs. They've been dead links since forever. You can always add them back if they actually link to something aside from "Coming Soon!"

Now about that promised audit...


  1. Why wouldn't she "showcase" herself? Isn't she the star? Strange.

  2. Can't say I care at all about this. His memorial is his game.


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