Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just How Excited Were Folks Over the ENnies Winners over on ENWorld?

The ENnies were announced Friday Night.

It is now Sunday Morning.

I hope we can generate more excitement than that when the Old School Recognition Awards kick off.


  1. Are you trying to compete or are you trying to add something positive to the OSR?

  2. Non way cares about popularity contests. Of course Wizards and Pazio win. The decks are stacked in there favor.

    1. They don't seem to have won much this year. Curse of Strahd sure, and bizarrely a Paizo battle mat as best miniatures product, but Pelgrane may have won more than both combined.

    2. I just added up the medals for physical RPG products, and Pelgrane dominated this year with 9 awards (4 gold, 5 silver). WotC won two golds and a silver, all for Curse of Strahd, an adventure. Paizo won fan choice for Best Publisher, the most obvious popularity contest; but of its other three awards, one was for the battlemat, one for a supplement for their card game, and only one for a rulebook (Pathfinder Bestiary 5).

    3. Oops, Paizo actually won four other awards. The other one was Best Free Product for their Free RPG Day module.

  3. Friday night I actually had to find the winners from a French blog.

  4. Friday night I actually had to find the winners from a French blog.

  5. Exactly as excited I was by the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


  6. I view the Ennie's much like I do free RPG day or the Gygax memorial debacle. They did some really great things for the gaming community by raising awareness and interest. And then they became things that just happen, routine, expected, uninspired, unchanging; and worse most of the gaming community just quietly nods its collective head and smiles at them.

    I view Tenkar as a kid with a stick poking at the bee hives. I'm sure he gets flak for talking shit and pointing out flaws and perhaps he gets stung from time to time; but I'm hoping that the people/groups that he's poking sticks at wake up and start innovating again. They've become sleeping giants. They have great potential that they are wasting.

  7. Good to know. I actually voted this year and several of the things I voted for won. Pelgrane Press seems to be this year's big winner but I don't know much about their current titles unfortunately.


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