Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kickstarter - Worldographer: Hexographer 2 - Easy Map/World Creator (Happy Mapping)

I'm way behind on showcasing some of the Kickstarters that really excite me, so bear with mw over the next few posts as I attempt to catch up. Things can move fast when you don't pay attention, and I've been doing my darnedest NOT to find really cool Kickstarters. I need to budget a bit over the next few months.

Then I see that stuff like +Joe Wetzel 's Worldographer Kickstarter, where he takes Hexographer and basically turns it up to 11 (Spinal Tap anyone?)

I've had a lot of success with Hexographer. The learning curve is very small, and for someone like me that has ideas but lacks many of the technical skills to implement them, Hexographer is awesome. I'd like to call it idiot proof, but I'm sure if we look hard enough...

Anyhow, here's some the the new, key features for Worldographer:

  • A new architecture allows us to have undo/redo functionality.
  • Better "child maps." Create a world map and from that same map create a continent level map as well as a kingdom level map. It will remain one file so most changes to one level map will be reflected in the others.
  • Hexographer's rather simple "note" functionality can expand to allow you to detail each location as well as things about your world not tied to a location: religions, cultures, important NPCs, etc. It becomes an interactive Gazetteer!
  • We're adding an entirely new, more realistic icon set to the software.
  • Polygons, Lines, Ovals, etc. have more options for shadows and textures.
  • Easy drag and drop of labels and features: Most apps make this tricky, but we're improving it.
  • Icosohedral Maps have been planned into Worldographer from the beginning.
  • Configuration of new terrain, features, and textures is much easier. (Just drop files to a specific folder.)
  • The new user interface framework gives the software a cleaner look.
  • Mini-generators create details for notes about cities, castles, ruins, etc.

What's a "child map" you may ask?

I backed at $50 without giving it a thought. It really was that simple a decision.

Do you need to generate geographical maps for your campaign? Look no further.

Did I mention Joe even hangs out on the Wednesday Night Tavern Chats on occasion? Yep, he's that kinda down to earth guy. Oh, and it launched just over 2 days ago and it's nearly funded. Damn.

Now I need to get back to work ;)


  1. But.... but..... the old one looks better and cleaner, the new one looks like a Win98 program...

  2. Hi Erik. Love creating hex maps myself. I have some of the ones I've created for my home campaign posted on a map collection along with some hand drawn stuff. Everything from local area maps to a super enormous world hex map that took me weeks upon weeks to build. Absolutely a fan.

  3. Thank you for the tip. I have been interested in Hexographer for a while, but mostly dabbled. This looks like a nice chance to go all in.

  4. Undo/Redo basically sells if for me...

    Though in the years without that basic functionality I've implemented my own very buggy personal one - that uses layers of maps to do the "child" thing and populates using http://www.welshpiper.com/hex-based-campaign-design-part-1/ rather than copying the higher layer to all.

    I'm happy to ditch my one - I tend to get sidetracked into writing code when I try and do a map and want a feature I don't have. Especially if they get icosahedral maps working with the child map stuff.


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