Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just When You Thought it Was Safe - Dungeons & Dragons Teams Up with My Little Pony - For Realz

Yep, apparently for World Friendship Day (another made up holiday I never heard of prior) My Little Pony's ponies are going on an adventure. Actually, I might grab this shirt for my 5 y/o niece.
Dungeons & Dragons partners with My Little Pony to create an exclusive charity shirt highlighting what is at the heart of both brands: Friendship & Magic.
In celebration of Friendship Day, Dungeons & Dragons has partnered with My Little Pony to create an exclusive charity shirt highlighting what is at the heart of both brands: Friendship & Magic. Hasbro will be donating the net profits from the sale of these shirts to generationOn, so order one for all the My Little Pony and D&D fans in your life! This shirt will be available to order on our campaign page until August 19th. 
Join the adventuring party of Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and of course Pinkie Pie, for the most pony-riffic celebration of friendship this side of the Forgotten Realms!
Just looked up World Friendship Day. It's held on July 30th, my birthday. Nope, doesn't make me feel friendlier...


  1. Saw this on Equestria Daily a few days ago. I'm slightly tempted to buy it (damn ponies keep trying to make me give to charity). Would've been cool if they'd done something with Spike, though, like a tribute to Sutherland's Basic cover art

  2. Would have been cooler to make the ponies a ranger, barbarian, magician, thief...cavalier...aaaannnd acrobat...

    1. Hell, *I* would wear that shirt. Said like "that's like 4,800 teeth!" that's three somewhat obscure pop culture jokes at once. Nerd-efficiency!

  3. @Pete - no kidding.

    My 5 yo daughter loves MLP. I've been trying to get her into RPGs and she enjoys Hero Kids. This would be right up her alley (although she prefers when the ponies are "dressed up" in their ball gown outfits). I might just have to buy the Ponyfinder 5e conversion after the Kickstarter is delivered.

  4. ...
    Loss... for ...
    Words ...

  5. Just showed my 5 year old daughter and she said that she'd totally wear it. My 3 year old is upstairs on her ipad. Will be buying several t-shirts today.

  6. My wife looooves MLP. This is a nice way to give to a good cause AND thank my wife for trying TRPGs with me (since she *did* relent at long last this week, huzzah!).

  7. Ugh. I wish I could afford a $30 T shirt for my 12yo daughter. She's obsessed with MLP.

  8. Is it bad that I noticed the usual "dragon &" is a character from the franchise as well. I'm a dad, it's all gonna be ok...all gonna be...ok.

  9. I didn't even know My Little Pony was still a thing. I've heard of the bronies (spelling?), but I didn't know that was still around.


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