Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kickstarter - Cthulhu Insanity Dice (RPG Dice)

I'll admit it. I have a bit of a dice fetish. There's just something magical about polyhedral dice, even if they never get used by me these days (except for cons, I game exclusively via Roll20).

Cthulhu Insanity Dice are just what my dice collections needs. Not that I need them, but the collection is whispering...
The first die has ten different Insanity results. You never know what your character is going to do that moment they come face to face with the unspeakable horror and your character's mind snaps. 
The second die has ten different phobia's your character can pick up later, which often gets forgotten and never added to the character.
I wonder if that whispering is linked to an insanity. 1 in 10 chance ;)


  1. As a horror RPG GM, I love this idea. There are just so many "turn and run"/"Cringe in fear" penalties for failed fear checks. These will really add some dimension to those sudden encounters with the macabre!

  2. those would be great for fear/morale/sanity checks for a multitude of games.

  3. @VA Absolutely, I use them for every RPG I play.
    Also just want to mention, I am changing the art work. The new artwork is on the Kickstarter page to make them easier to read.

    @Tim, thanks.

  4. backed! These are going to be fun :)

  5. Wow. I heard about these a little late :(


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