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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dyson is now up to 74 Free Commercial Use Maps - Go Patreon!

The latest Free Commercial Use Map, a classic from 2013

+Dyson Logos mentioned this on Facebook, but I thought I'd spread the word. Thanks to Dyson's Patreon supporters, there are now 74 Dyson drawn maps available for free commercial use. Did I mention there are more maps added every month?

Dyson is one of the most skilled and most prolific mappers in the gaming community, and the idea that publishers can use a selection of his creations for free in their commercial projects is nothing short of amazing.

I've already got 2 of Dyson's maps pegged for use in a current project.

Here's the link to the free commercial use maps. If you're just using for personal use, he has hundreds more.

You have no excuse. Stat out a dungeon now!  ;)


  1. It is an awesome patreon that I am proud to support.

    1. And thank you SO MUCH for the years of support you've given me, Mark!

  2. Thanks, Erik, for the shout-out.

    My Patreon campaign has really changed the game up for me and I'm glad I can use it to contribute back to everyone else. I was pointing out to someone else recently that if I can bring the funding up to the $500 point, we'll have unlocked at least one more monthly release into the commercial maps, as well as a second map from the back-catalog switching over to the commercial maps catalog every month.


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