Thursday, August 11, 2016

State of The Tavern Tavern Keeper - Update - Time to Trim the Fat

The fatty liver that is. Ultrasound showed no fluids in the abdomen, no tumors (as a cancer survivor, always on your mind) but did show my liver is going through a "fatty process". That and my blood sugar and cholesterol are higher than they should be according to the blood works.

Time to lose a few more pounds, add folic acid and vitamin b1 to my diet and watch what I eat. Maybe I can get the pub to swap out fries for a nice salad instead ;)

The bloat is mostly gone but the side with the liver is still a bit swollen. Time is what I need to heal and I have that in spades.

Tomorrow might still be an off day for me but I should be back in full swing for the weekend.



  1. And what did the doctor say about alcohol, if your liver is sub-par?

    1. The liver is healthy otherwise. Everything in moderation. He's more concerned about the blood sugar (and that can lead to a fatty liver too - joy)

      I've got to convince my pub to stock Kaliber or Clausthaler Premium :)

  2. Get rest and remember lambics are an excellent source of probiotics.

  3. I hope you feel better soon as well,i too can understand the worry involved with the big"C",that horrible monster has taken its toll in my life as well....best wishes,and looking forward to many more articles in the coming months/ years

  4. I haven't eaten fried anything in like 5 years. The wife is a bit of a health-eating nut and I got used to eating steamed, boiled and baked-with-minimal-oil only. I have to say, my stomach and colitis problems have virtually disappeared ever since.

    It's a bit easier to get used to a new diet when you're consistently offered just this sort of food when you get back home, but I'm sure you can manage it too!

    Stay healthy!

  5. Get better Erik. You may have to lay off the Kickstarters for a while, they are worse for than bacon and booze.

  6. As a former widower due to CUP (Cancer of an Unknown Primary took my first wife), I was reflexively leery to read more but relieved the tests proved negative. I'm glad that it is merely minor restrictions that can keep you healthy and nothing too limiting.

    Have a great weekend (pfft, every day is a weekend now ;) )!


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