Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Steven Russell Memorial Fund Has Been Set Up

His sister set up a GoFundMe fund for funeral and other expenses:
Steven Russell, my brother, was killed in an auto accident on July 5, 2016 . There are no words that can express the grief our family is experiencing. My heart breaks for our father,  his wife, my children, his extended family, and his many friends that knew what an amazing man he was. Maybe the most heartbreaking, he was looking forward to welcoming  his first child and being a father himself this winter.  He was a man who loved life and lived it to its fullest. He had the most creative mind, had a passion for gaming and all that it entailed. He loved his family and friends with the same passion.  
Your generous gifts and donations will help with the expenses his family is now faced with. 
Thank you
I'll be leaving this as the only post until tomorrow morning.

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