Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Print or Script? Another Map Question

I know - lots of mapping related posts the past day or so.

This time, I'm looking for opinions on the above.

Print or script font?

I like the way the script looks, but I think the print font is clearer.

(for those wondering who "Reed" is, he's a retired adventurer, of course! heh)


  1. Yeah, I think that I'd go with the print font on this one. The script looks really nice, but it might tend to get lost a bit.

  2. Print script is easier on my old eyes!

  3. Print all the way, easier to read

  4. If the map is meant to be used, I'd lean towards making it useful with every decision. For this one, I agree with those above on print for legibility.

  5. I vote print. I would also add that, for those whose first language is not English, Print is easier to see the letters than in Script. When there are strange names being used that are not seen in everyday English, I can only imagine less is more. Just my $.02.

  6. Print, with a sans serif typeface for increased legibility.

  7. Print, with a serif typeface for increased legibility.

  8. Print. That script looks far too close to italic comic sans for comfort.

  9. Don't lose sight of your goal : you are going for the lapsed gamer, then you should make your maps look just like the ones he is used to. And print is definitely easier on the eyes.

  10. My only recommendation (regardless of the font you choose) is to adjust the leading (instead of leaving it on automatic), so that stacked words tighten up into a "chunk" of copy (i.e., one visual element rather than several).

  11. Two other small tricks-

    1) Put a very fine white or background-colored stroke around the text if possible, to keep the text elements from getting tangled with the drawing elements of the map.

    2) If you're using separate art and layout programs, key the map in the layout program rather than directly on the image. That way, when you create the final PDF the text is rendered by the PDF reader rather than being compressed and blurred as part of the image.


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