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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Path of Legends Podcast Episode #5 Has Been Released in the Wild - Your Long Wait is Over ;)

There had been a bit of a hiatus with the Path of Legends podcast, a 5e podcast from the eyes of grognards. We lost one of our hosts due to real life issues and then picked up 2 new hosts for episode #5.

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised and impressed with how well episode #5 went with all of the changes.

Even better? We don't all agree and you can hear it, which I think is great. You don't want a homogenized podcast, you want one with live cultures ;)
We are back with a brand new show! 
Join Vince and Erik as they are joined by two new co-hosts, Steve and Tim! Show topics include: 
Adventure Path – DM ADVICE #1 – Cheating players
Monster Hunters – Goblins
What’s old now is New – Exploring limitations on what races can play a class
Presto’s Hat – Obscure Rules Chart

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