Monday, July 18, 2016

Kickstarter - The Folio #10 - The Cursed Temple of Tefnut

I really am enjoying the Folio series of releases. With Folio #10, I think I'd grab it based on the cover alone - I am a huge fan of dwarves if you didn't know. Of course, the whole series has been well worth the investment so far in my opinion. I really need to block out some time each day just to catch up on reading my Kickstarter acquisitions, although I've done a fairly good job with the Folio series - nearly halfway through it :)

This is the third of three parts of the Hidden Valoria Campaign, which draws upon Dwarven Forge's default campaign. Did I mention it's in 1e / 5e formats? Old school meets new school.

I suggest going for the print version of you can spring for it, as the quality is high and the cover is old school in nature - it is detachable with the main map spanning both inside panels. Think the old TSR modules, but in full color.


  1. Erik - can you give more information about these folios and this project?

    I see a kickstarter campaign for #10, but are there more folio publications available from Dwarven Forge?

    (Their website does not seem to mention the folios at all.)

  2. The Folio adventure modules are actually done by Art of the Genre. Here is the website.


  3. Folios 8,9, & 10 are based in the Dwarven Forge City of Valoria.


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