Thursday, July 21, 2016

RPGNow Christmas in July Sale

I must have missed the email.

In any case, RPGNow is running it's annual Christmas in July Sale.

Nearly every release from Barrel Rider Games / +James Spahn / White Star is on sale as are titles from hundreds of publishers.

I'll try to make some OSR picks over the next few days but in the meantime you can't go wrong filling in holes in your Barrel Rider Games collection ;)


  1. All of the CUaBM products are on sale.

  2. All of BRW Games items are also on sale. Adventures Dark and Deep, Castle of the Mad Archmage, and the rest.


  3. All Purple Duck Games products are on sale as well.

  4. I just picked up three Black Hack expansions for 75 cents apiece. I haven't even had a chance to go through the main Black Hack books yet, but it was too much of a deal.

  5. All of Quasar Knight Enterprises products are on sale, which include the Hacker Class for White Star and Old School Monster Classes.

  6. Almost all the DYS Games products are on sale as well.

  7. I'll have to reccomend Beyond the Wall and other Adventures.... I just love it and the publisher (Flatland Games) has a lot of freebies if you own the main book as well.
    Great content if you want a quick one shot... but if you also buy Further Afield there's a lot of content so you can make an extended campaign...


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