Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Girl Downtown has up and Gone! Quick Ken! Start Up Another!

Yep, it appears the fundraising for Girl Downtown has up and gone. Ken, what's the next scam?

Seriously, don't leave us in hanging. We're your fans. You are our entrainment - D20 Entertainment actually. Wait, that never existed actually...

At least we have the IMDB posting to look at:

Fuck, that's gone to.

Ah well, I'm sure it can be rebuilt...


  1. Wow, Ken being erased from existence.

    Not fast enough.

  2. He'll change his name to Walter White Whitman next

  3. If he did that (Changes his name to Walter White Whitman), he would start a Fund Me to raise funds to copyright WWW and defend it so no one else could use it w/o giving him a royalty. Anyone who didn't would be guilty (50/50 change) of slander or defamation OR simply guilty of harassment and discriminating against him.

    Due to the mental and emotional stress this would cause, there would, of course - by no fault of his own - be further delays to any KS fulfillment.

    So yea, he will probably do that.

  4. Oh Kenny boy, the fans, the fans are calling
    From Kickstarter, and down to Patreon
    The movie's died, and all of Facebook hides
    'Tis you, 'tis you must stay and I must be gone.

    But come ye back when all has been forgotten
    Or go where no one knows your name
    The fans will pay for product not delivered
    Oh Kenny boy, oh Kenny boy, you're still the same.

    And if you film, in Georgia or Kentucky
    And girl friends pay for cruises or for cars
    You'll still find sheep stupid and plucky
    And fleece them to pay for strippers and for bars.

    And we shall hear, tho' soft you tread around us
    And all our dreams will be of suing thee
    If you still fail to deliver KoDT
    We'll simply hound you into direst poverty

    We'll simply hound you into direst poverty.

    1. ...slow golf clap that gets louder and stronger as I slowly stand up...

    2. Ditto.. THAT is a work of art that is worth something.

    3. I need the Harry Connick Jr. rendition of that sir!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, thanks to one "Jolly" good fella...

  6. Huh... Ken even took all references to Girl Downtown off his own personal IMDB page. The rest are still there, incl. Spinward Traveler with its "2023" release date. That "Assistant Director" Dan Scott has also scrubbed his pages, except his Twitter still has a link to the no-longer-there GoFundMe.


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