Friday, June 24, 2016

Trimmed Swords & Wizardry: Light to Four Pages - Now to Rewrite & Rebuild

I do believe that is 18 monsters, all on one sheet. You should note that four pages is without an item list (weapons and armor are chosen by class and an adventurer's pack will cover the other items). Magic items are also not included, as they are meant to be special and unique and to be explained in the 4 page adventures meant to accompany the Light rules (and possible elsewhere, see below)

Spell lists are whittled down, but again, new spells from the various Swords & Wizardry rules can be introduced via adventures.

I am considering an optional Deadly Machinations four page pamphlet, which would offer GMing advice, sample magic items, random encounter charts, adding in alignment and languages and other ways to get your PCs in trouble. For the folks looking for a Thief class, this would be where they'd make an appearance, assuming they did.

The whole key to this is keeping the releases at four pages, so you can print it on one sheet at booklet settings.

Simple, short, cheap to print and viral in distribution ;)


  1. Here is a vote for including Thieves!

  2. In a game intended for beginners, I'd ditch the descending armor class. Having both is confusing, and ascending is more intuitive no matter how much some of us may love THAC0. Plus you save all the space of listing both and explaining the difference.

  3. Agree....ditch the descending AC. Also, keep thieves in there, but maybe stick to the "thievery skill" option from the S&W Companion.

    On the creature list: dryads but no dragon? Hmmmm

    1. only covers levels 1 to 3, thus no dragons

      trying to keep to the S&W license, thus both, but one will be ignored ;)


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