Thursday, June 23, 2016

First Pass Done - S&W Light Distilled Down to Six Pages - Second Pass This Weekend

At the moment, I've distilled S&W Basic down to six pages for S&W Light. This is the first pass, there are still some tables that need editing and there is a bunch of stuff that needs rewriting for space and explanation purposes.

BTW, that's 6 pages using the Word document. Laid out properly it's probably around 4ish.

All 18 included monsters fit on one sheet. Most monsters took 2 lines but a few took 3, such as the Giant Fire Beetle.

There is no XP entry as we are leaving out the concept of XP. Two adventures to reach level 2, five more adventures to reach level 3, at which point the player is expected to move on to one of the three Swords & Wizardry rulesets with 5,000 XP


  1. I'm pretty excited about all this.

  2. Short Swords & Cantripry is shaping up nicely. ;)

  3. Cool cool. I'll take these and drop off copies in Singapore gameshops.

  4. Add a cover and a back, and call it a pocketmod.

  5. Add a cover and a back, and call it a pocketmod.

    1. With a cover, back, and the six existing internal pages, you've got a great 8-page fold-and-staple booklet going on

    2. goal is still 4 pages, with the cover including game info

      down to 4 1/2 pages after i killed needless charts, but now i need to rewrite and make it user friendly

      i expect i'll come to 6 pages in word, then we'll see what can be done to bring that down in size

  6. It's live! It's live! It's live! Mutant Crawl Classics! It's live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/mutant-crawl-classics-rpg-mcc-rpg?ref=user_menu
    Sorry, I'll calm down now.


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