Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventurer Conquerer King System (ACKS) System Resource Document

During today's recording of the latest episode of the Path of Legends Podcast, the Adventurer Conquerer Kings System was brought up in regards to how it handles characters dipping down to and below zero hit points. My cohost, +Vincent Florio mentioned that ACKS had a System Resource Document (SRD). I didn't believe him at first but he found the link. Vince was right. ACKS has an SRD.

Here's the ACKS SRD link. The chapters are in plain text, it's no frills but it's definitely useful and even better, it's free ;)

Strangely enough, I was supposed to play in the first session of ACKS for my gaming group in a couple of years last night, but I was exhausted from a week of illness and an afternoon and evening of socializing with my old gaming buddies. I'll have to wait till next week.


  1. It was a good session. We even had Curio and Goraj back, for a while (as NPCs). Curio decided to go first into a building, got one-shot by someone inside it. We killed almost all of them (I so love being a Fighter in ACKS... especially when I get to charge with a spear).

    Then, looking at poor Curio's corpse, still warm on the pavement, I knew what he would want. At least, if he were the one standing over a dead comrade.

    We went through his pockets and took everything of any value.

  2. ACKS is really fun. This will actually help me get some people into it at the new FLGS that's opening tomorrow


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