Friday, May 27, 2016

Far West - The "Utter Bullshit" Admission - Since it's Time to Rebuild Trust, Maybe it WILL Actually Release?

Sure, I sometimes feel like I'm kicking a dead horse with Far West. It's the same ol' same ol', new release date, missed release date, new release date, missed release date.

With Gareth's latest comments on the Far West Kickstarter page, I'd ALMOST be willing to credit him for owning up to his bullshit... but I can't. Because in truth, he isn't owning up to anything.
some of the things that happened mean that things I said a while back now look like utter bullshit.
In truth, many of the things that happened (or never happened) were utter bullshit when they were announced, looks have nothing to do with it.

Since Gareth is rebooting Adamant as a publisher of gaming material, he needs to rebuild a sense of trust. Would you trust this man to pay you on time? Would you be able to give him what you promised him you would produce 4 1/2 years after the due date? Of all the places would be game writers could freelance for, would this really be a first choice?


  1. Would be great if my job would just pay me and then wait to see if I feel like actually producing any work.

    Gotta love the inability to own up to his mistakes and lies. He came about halfway there and then reverted to type.

  2. As a freelance writer, I can state unequivocally that I would never work for GMS under ANY circumstances. Not only because I don't trust him, but because his arrogance sickens me. I can get work from people I actually respect.

  3. Obviously many of the failed kickstarter crowd are out of gaming....took the money and ran. But several will eventually hear the siren song and return, and thus have to deal with the repercussions of ripping off a group of people that only have to drop your name into Google to find out your past schemes. The internet never forgets, so we will see many of this admissions as a way of getting goodwill back from the customer. Probably will work in a lot of cases, look how many people kept giving Ken Whitman a 2nd and 3rd chance on his Kickstarters...

  4. Maybe such luminaries as Elizabeth Sampat, Mike Nystul and James Maliszewski will sign up to work for Adamant 2.0. They could pretend to create, GMS could pretend to pay them if they ever actually create material, and the rest of us gain a useful tool to isolate the worst of the gaming Kickstarter community. Look at the upside to this!

    (I actually liked what Adamant produced for Savage Mars, but I'll be damned if I give GMS any more money.)


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