Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kickstarter - Bard's Gate - With Stretch Goals for Non-Backers Too!

Bard' s Gate is the latest Frog God Kickstarter and it comes in the usual three flavors these days - 5e, Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder. In less than a day it's hit a third of it 75K goal, but that's not the big news. The big news is that Frog God Games is working with TableTopLibrary, the new online RPG distributor of PDF and Print gaming goodies and hopeful competitor to OBS. They have set stretch goals that will be given to ALL registered TableTopLibrary customers if the numbers are reached, whether or not the TTL customers are backers of the Bard's Gate Kickstarter or not.

That makes for a pretty good reason to check out the TableTopLibrary site if you ask me.

+Matt Finch mentioned the details on his blog and I'm going to add to the bandwidth below:
We’re excited to announce our cooperation with Frog God Games on the Bard’s Gate Kickstarter. This project funds an epic, full-color book describing the iconic fantasy city of Bard’s Gate, and the Kickstarter is already on track to a massive success. 
And we thought to ourselves -- because we do that sometimes -- “Why limit stretch goals just to people who pledge for a Kickstarter? If it does well, let’s give everybody some stuff!” 
So here’s the plan – it’s a type of cooperation that hasn’t been done before between an online retailer like us, working with a publisher like Frog God Games. If it works well, we’ll do this with other Kickstarters in the future to help boost their signals. 
For ALL registered customer here at Tabletop Library, if the Bard’s Gate Kickstarter does well, we’ve arranged with Frog God Games to put up some of their Bard’s Gate related products for free until (just after) the end of the Kickstarter. So don’t forget – if you’re not already registered as a customer at the www.tabletoplibrary.com, you should register now to be included in these goals! 
Here is our schedule of the Tabletop Library Double-Rewards for the Bard’s Gate Kickstarter: 
$25,000: Gulf of Akados Region Map. If the Bard’s Gate Kickstarter reaches $25,000 in pledges, we will put the Gulf of Akados poster map (pdf) up as a free product until just after the end of the Kickstarter. The Gulf of Akados is the region where Bard’s Gate is located. 
$45,000 Sinnar Coast Region Map. If the Kickstarter reaches $45,000 in pledges, we will put the Sinnar Coast Region poster map (pdf) up as a free product until just after the end of the Kickstarter. The Sinnar Coast Region contains the Bard’s Gate colony-cities of Eastgate and Telar Brindel. 
$75,000 Rogues in Remballo Adventure Module. If the Kickstarter reaches $75,000 in pledges, we will put all three versions of the module Rogues in Remballo (5e, PF, and S&W) up as free products until just after the end of the Kickstarter. Rogues in Remballo concerns matters involving the House of Borgandy, a banking family in Suilley that has extensive financial dealings with Bard’s Gate.

Did I mention the Bard's Gate Kickstarter is going to have some Easter Eggs of interest to members of the OSR community and gaming in general? I didn't mention it? OK... I said nothing, I know nothing...


  1. Isn't this the clown who insults his customers? Pass.

    1. Not sure I've ever heard stories of the Frog's insulting customers before. I'm hoping that you are mixing them up with someone else.

    2. I've had several interactions with them and have been impressed every time.

      They put out good useful product. I've bought most things they've put out over the last five years and have only been disappointed with one. That's a pretty good track record.

    3. I've never seen anything of the sort from Bill, Greg, Skeeter or any of the other Frogs. They bend over backwards to accommodate their customers. For Bard's gate, I pledged $100 and then went back to see what I would be getting because it was such a no-brainer to back. I anticipate it'll be very close to on time if not early and it'll exceed my expectations just like their last several Kickstarters.

    4. Severe {NEED FOR CITATION} tag needs to be thrown down here. FGG and Necromancer Games before them were top notch people Clare Peterson of NG (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FGG) may have been a bit of a hardass but beyond that the FGG folks are one of the nicest, easiest to work with, and most accommodating publishers around.

    5. Matt, you are definitely mixing folks up. The Frawgs are awesome. Not cheap, but still awesome.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Although I haven't backed yet, it's only a matter of time. The Blight, Northlands, Barakus. . . So much goodness.

    I canT think of why Matt would think they insulted customers. I've had nothing but excellent customer experiences with them.


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