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White Star - Star Crusader (Character Class - StarSlinger Setting)

Some men put their faith in strength of arms. Others in the speed of their ship. I put my faith in The Old Ones. I know what they want. I know what they need. Sacrifice in combat. Blood on steel. The smell of burned flesh. I serve Them well and in turn I keep my compatriots alive. For they serve The Old Ones too, even if they know it not. There is an object I seek, from before this world was colonized. Come, we shall find it together and be well rewarded.

Star Crusaders are hard to miss. Often well armored (and armed) hulking brutes, they have a presence that says "Don't fuck with me." They rarely travel alone, preferring the company of others. Strength in numbers and all that. Rumors often trail behind them, blaming the recently missing on the Star Crusader and incomplete knowledge of the sacrifices they make to The Old Ones. Few mention such rumors in their presence. None mention it a second time. It is said they have powers unknown to mortal man, but few have lived to see such and fewer yet will talk about what they have seen.

Star Crusader

LEVEL      XP      HD      BHB      ST
1                  0        1           +0        14
2              3,000     2           +1        13
3              6,000     3           +2        12
4            12,000     3+1       +3        11
5            24,000     4           +3        10
6            48,000     5           +4          9
7            96,000     6           +5          8
8          192,000     6+1       +5          7
9          384,000     7           +6          6
10        768,000     8           +7          5

      Miracle Level
     1   2   3  4  5  
1   0  
2   1
3   2   0
4   2   1
5   2   2   1
6   3   2   1
7   3   2   2  1
8   3   3   3  1
9   4   3   3  2  1
10 4   4   3  2  2

Note - High Wisdom can grant Miracles where the number available is "0"

Weapons / Armor Restrictions - Any / Any - The larger and more impressive, the better

Miracles - Starting at 2nd level, the Star Crusader has access to Miracles. He regains 1 Miracle of his choice after a night of sleep and prayer, plus 1 Miracle per killing blow in the previous 24 hours. He can't have more Miracles prepared at any time than exceeds the chart (plus possible Wisdom Bonus) no matter how many killing blows he's made.

Miracle Bonus For High Wisdom - Star Crusaders with a Wisdom of 13 or Higher get 1 extra Level 1 Miracle than is indicated by the chart. Star Crusaders with a Wisdom of 16 or Higher also get 1 extra Level 2 Miracle than is indicated by the chart.

XP Bonus For High Wisdom - A Star Crusader with a Wisdom of 13 or 14 receives a 5% Experience Bonus. Those with a 15 or higher get a 10% bonus.


Level 1

Cure Wounds - Range: Touch - Effect: Cures 1d6 HP
Cause Wounds - Range: Touch (unwilling targets are treated as unarmored for purposes of chance to hit) - Effect: Causes 1d6+1 Damage to target
Detect Intelligent Life - Range: 60' - Duration: 20 minutes - Effect: The Star Crusader can detect the presence of Intelligent life. Note, it does not reveal the type of intelligent life
Darkness - Range: 60' - Duration: 1d6 rounds - Effect: Causes unnatural darkness in a 60' radius. Darkness can be penetrated by technological lighting for 20' directly in front of the light source. Natural lighting can not penetrate the darkness. Note, the Star Crusader can see in this darkness
Hold Portal - Range: Touch - Duration: 2d6 rounds - Effect: Keeps a door or gate closed (or open) for the duration. The object can still be destroyed by conventional means

Level 2

Curse - Range: 1 NPC not in combat - Effect: -1 to attacks for 1 hour (Save)
Cause Disease - Range:10' Effect - Infect one creature with a random disease (Save)
Light - Range: 60' - Duration: 2d6 Turns - Effect: The target person or object (at a range of up to 120 ft) produces light about as bright as a torch, to a radius of 20 ft.

Level 3

Cure Disease - Range: Touch - Duration: Immediate - Effect: This spell cures a creature of any diseases
Locate Object - Range: 90' - Duration: 1 Round per level - Effect: This Miracle gives the Star Crusader the correct direction (as the crow flies) toward an object the casters specifies with a description. The object can be something the Star Crusader has never seen if it is an object his order is searching for.
Protection From Projectiles - Range: Self - Duration: 1 hour - Effect: The Star Crusader becomes immune to small weapon fire

Level 4

Poison - Range: Touch (unwilling targets are treated as unarmored for purposes of chance to hit) - Effect: Target must save or die (Save)
Lightning Bolt - Range: 240' - Effect: A bolt of lightning extends 60 ft from the targeted point, almost ten feet wide. Anyone in its path suffers 6d6 points of damage (half with a successful saving throw). The bolt always extends 60 ft, even if this means that it ricochets backward from something that blocks its path.

Level 5

Insect Plague - Range:240' - Duration: 1 Day - Effect: This spell only works outdoors. A storm of insects gathers, and goes wherever the caster directs. The cloud is approximately 400 sq ft (20 ft by 20 ft, with roughly corresponding height). Any creature of 2 HD or fewer that is exposed to the cloud of insects flees in terror (no saving throw).
Neutralize Poison - Range: Touch - Effect: Counteracts poison


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