Tuesday, January 19, 2016

StarSlinger - Thoughts on Setting (White Star)

Part of the StarSlinger experiment is posting the progress "real time". Classes, creatures, NPCs, setting aspects - al available for the community to respond to and critique as they are brought to the front.

Today, I'm thinking of the actual setting.

Not sure thus far of the name of the world but I do have the name of two of the towns:

Eastwood is the town built upon the business of surrounding ranches. Buildings are built using local materials, using both wood and peat. Relatively low key as towns on the frontier go, it is the home to two bars, a gambling hall as well as vendors of the usual type one would expect in a sci-fi rpg setting ;)

Wildemann is a mining town, grown from a simple general store to a town that caters to the vices of Eastwood is considered, if not classy at the very least subdued, Wildemann is life on the edge, where deals are made and fortunes are lost and won at the poker table or the roulette wheel. It also is the home the only starport on the world as well as refineries of Dasrand.
miners and those with money to spend. Bars, gambling halls and possible even a high end brothel or two. Whereas

Wilder Mine or The Wild Mine is where most of the miners make their money mining Dasurand, used in fueling intersteller aircraft. The mine's close proximity to the town of Wildemann results in low transportation costs and maximum profits.

The Church of the Old Ones has it's main headquarters in Wildemann. Averse to vices of the flesh, Crusaders have been know to search the bars and gambling halls for soldiers of the church in order to extract penance from believers on the spot. The occasional deceased believer (or non-believer) is generally dealt with in an unofficial manner with the local authorities.

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  1. Excellent strategy, it's one I use to "build up" the setting as well. Looking forward to more material, and letting my players know they can use any of the classes you post.


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